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  • 250mg Trans-Resveratrol
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lengthens Lifespan in Certain Animals
  • Protect the Brain
  • Increase Insulin Sensitivity
  • Ease Joint Pain
  • Next Day Shipping Australia Wide
  • ​Gluten-free
  • ​Vegan Friendly

They say that we get better with age, like a fine red wine. Now there is a direct correlation between the two because the grapes used to make red wine contain a natural compound called resveratrol, which actually actively fights the effects of ageing.

Resveratrol supplements come from a natural compound that is commonly found in the skin of red grapes. This fruit has a sensitive inner belly, which is why they have a thick skin loaded with antioxidants to protect themselves from the environment.

Grapes exist in harsh environments, they have fungal infections and sunlight to deal with and resveratrol is the substance it uses in its skin to protect itself. It is well known that the Mediterranean diet is linked to long life and plenty of grapes and red wine is key to that.

• Energy
• Joint mobility
• Muscle health
• Heart & Vascular health
• Brain health
• Prostate & Breast health
• Healthy ageing
• Cell protection

40 reviews for Resveratrol

  1. Mary Thomas

    I already have so much more energy since taking this a week ago. It’s done wonders for my productivity and just vitality in general! Can recommend

  2. Michael

    Great! Feel a difference.

  3. Carl J

    Ordered with my nmn, very happy with both

  4. Tom

    Fast shipping

  5. Kate Swann

    The resveratrol powder is very pure. It is pure resveratole, not grape seed extract (which only contains small percents of resveratrol) like some companies use.

  6. Brad Hall

    Great customer service, always fast to reply and helpful. Will continue to order with Eternum Labs.

  7. Britt s

    I have ordered through a few different companies in the past. I just had my Eternum Labs order arrive and it was packaged beautifully and even came with a thank you card. ItÕs a small thing but it goes a long way to show that this company actually cares about its customers Ð unlike most other companies I have bought with in the past.

  8. Shae Wall

    I’ve tried a few others in the past. This one has helped me wake up in the mornings

  9. zhen sang

    I first heard about NMN from the Joe Rogan podcast. I ordered some from America a few months ago but never received my order. Saw an ad for Eternum Labs and thought IÕd give it another go. My order was delivered right away Ð looking forward to trying it out!

  10. Stephen J

    Had my first order with Eternum Labs, they were great. Fast delivery and response time, will be ordering again soon!

  11. Wood

    Just watched the interview on Joe Rogan and decided to give it a go. Can’t wait to try them out

  12. emily g

    Mixed up my order and they immediately sent out a replacement, very good customer service!

  13. Lara Ettridge

    IÕve only been taking NMN & res for 2 weeks now, so itÕs a bit too soon to notice any benefits, however I am very please with the quality of the products from Eternum Labs

  14. Kai

    Great product!! Has done wonders for me. I have recommened you to my friends

  15. Zach

    Not sure because I may be getting an allergic reaction to it consistent with one that I had during the use of my first order of 60. However I attributed that reaction to something else and am currently determining if the attribution was incorrect and am actually allergic to

  16. Parker wise

    Great product! You can tell the results in one week at least.

  17. Shiloh

    Honestly, nmn and resveratrol has changed my life. I feel better and am able to build more muscle at the gym!! SO GREAT!!

  18. jeremy r

    With one month usage I am now a firm supporter of its power and it has changed my mood into a more positive polarity

  19. Hari

    Ordering for the 3rd time. Eternum Labs have been a great supplier, and have continued to answer any questions I have had, thank you

  20. Natalya Alford

    ItÕs been a week since I started using trhis and am feeling better already, and I am very happy with the way it improved my morning.

  21. Jacko

    I am in my early 50’s and I have been using NMN for 2 months. I am healthy and keep active. After a few weeks of NMN I started to notice I had less pain in my feet when walking.

  22. Lidia Cantu

    I chose NMN because I read it helps to oxygenate the blood and delivers oxygen to my body tissues. My body was calling for this product, I was feeling fatigued and unable to concentrate. I have been taking the product for two weeks now. I have seen an increase in energy, I am able to participate in an intense cardio exercise program after working all day

  23. Trinity Herrera

    I am a competitor in bodybuilding and I use this product throughout my prep and can off season.

  24. Marcus t

    With the pandemic raging in America this production has definitely given my overall health a huge boost

  25. Laurence head

    Only a week using NMN but impressed so far! I wake up clearer headed and energy seems to remain consistent through day.

  26. EBONI

    This is my first experience with NMN and IÕm sold. My husband and I took it once it arrived at 7pm, we had dinner then went kayaking in the dark. IÕm usually beat after dinner and just need to relax. We also felt a major mood boost, we giggled like schoolgirls. IÕll report back after a months use.

  27. Sarah

    Wow the customer service is fantastic, I realised that I had not put in the state on my address and was panicing, but they assurred me that they had worked it out and that it was in itÕs way!!

  28. Anne-Marie

    Absolutely phenomenal addition to any body! Getting all of your nutrients from the food you carefully prepare is vital. This has many attributes that seem to be making an improvement to my health. IÕm having 2x the daily recommended dose as per advice from a book I read

  29. reece catch

    Joe Rogan bought me here, looking forward to trying it out.

  30. Richmond

    I used to order NMN from the US but Eternum have been doing a great job and are a better price too

  31. Elissa

    This is a good product, packaged well.Ê


    IÕve used other products like this but this one has been my preference. ItÕs much cheaper than other options out there and seems to be a very high quality. I notice an overall sense of well being, increase in mood, energy, sleep, and digestion. ItÕs one of those items you donÕt know you need until you take it! Grab it and try it out because you wonÕt regret it

  33. Rachel

    After reading Dr SinclairÕs book, I was very keen to try both resveratrol and NMN. I tried a few different suppliers including some US supplier, and I have found Eternum to have the best products and service. I order my Eternum products regularly now and have had the benefit of experiencing first hand the positive effects from taking these supplements regularly. I am a loyal customer and have recommended Eternum to family and friends.

  34. Anita L.

    My husband suggested Eternum, I had seen their ads before so orderd and am happy with the products!

  35. Ella-mai

    Great customer service, thanks team for my order and quick answers to my questions!

  36. Rosanna Avila

    I have been taking Resveratrol and NMN for 8 weeks now and have started recommneding it to my friends

  37. Uzair Parks

    Best supplier of NMN in austrlia

  38. Andy Rye

    I saw a post on redit saying Eternum was a scam after I purchased so I reached out to customer support, they assured me they were not so I decided to give it a go. 2 week in and I can already notice a change, I feel better and have more energy, I am glad I trusted them after all

  39. Marcus

    Added nmn to my supplement stack. IÕve experimented with almost all anti-agining and longevity supplements and have found this to cause the biggest improvement in energy

  40. Trevor D

    My capsuals arrived and are fine however shipping took over a week

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