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Turkesterone 500mg Supplement

Increase Muscle Mass

Turkesterone helps activates new muscle cells and boost testosterone.

  • 60 X 500mg Serve
  • Increase Testosterone
  • Active Muscle Cells
  • Enhances Recovery
  • Increase Resilience

Turkesterone is a component of the ajuga turkestanica plant that activates new muscle cells, boosts testosterone and increases resilience to stress. 

  • Muscle
  • Strength
  • Testosterone
  • Resilience

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Known as a “natural anabolic agent”, Turkesterone has been marketed to increase strength and muscle mass.

  • Increase Muscle
  • Increase Testosterone
  • Improve Recovery
  • Increase Resilience

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Increases muscle gains

Turkesterone is known to be a powerful supplement for muscle building. Since there aren't many natural supplements for building muscle effectively, this ecdysteroid is high in demand. Turkesterone raises muscle protein synthesis that helps improve muscle mass.

Accelerates muscle recovery

Turkesterone has the ability to increase muscle protein synthesis, which helps in recovering the muscle master. It ensures that bodybuilders are able to handle more intensity and workload after taking Turkesterone.

Increases strength

By taking Turkesterone, some bodybuilders have also managed to improve their power and strength. It is expected that by taking this supplement, one can continuously increase their compound lifts' weight. That being said, one still needs to train and eat properly to see progress.


Also called the Ajuga Turkestanica Extract, Turkesterone is from the ecdysteroids group. Ecdysteroids occur naturally in the steroid hormones of arthropods and plants.

Turkesterone is a biologically active and common ecdysteroid. Research has shown that they are very effective in enhancing performance and building muscle.

Since it impacts muscle growth, Turkesterone has become quite popular among athletes, bodybuilders, and gym rats.

As we age, our bodies produce less NAD+ and the communication between the Mitochondria and cell nucleus is impaired.

One can get ecdysteroids naturally in food sources like yams, spinach, and quinoa. However, the amount of ecdysteroids present in these food sources is low, which makes it ineffective.

“NAD+ is the closest we’ve gotten to a fountain of youth.”

“…An anti-aging pill on the horizon.”

“Could reversing the aging of blood vessels hold the key to restoring youthful vitality? The answer appears to be yes.”




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