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  • 250mg Trans-Resveratrol
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lengthens Lifespan in Certain Animals
  • Protect the Brain
  • Increase Insulin Sensitivity
  • Ease Joint Pain
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They say that we get better with age, like a fine red wine. Now there is a direct correlation between the two because the grapes used to make red wine contain a natural compound called resveratrol, which actually actively fights the effects of ageing.

Resveratrol supplements come from a natural compound that is commonly found in the skin of red grapes. This fruit has a sensitive inner belly, which is why they have a thick skin loaded with antioxidants to protect themselves from the environment.

Grapes exist in harsh environments, they have fungal infections and sunlight to deal with and resveratrol is the substance it uses in its skin to protect itself. It is well known that the Mediterranean diet is linked to long life and plenty of grapes and red wine is key to that.

• Energy
• Joint mobility
• Muscle health
• Heart & Vascular health
• Brain health
• Prostate & Breast health
• Healthy ageing
• Cell protection

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“NAD+ is the closest we've gotten to a fountain of youth”

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Maintaining Cellular Energy - Youth levels

Maintaining Cellular Energy Levels at Youthful levels. NMN has an important effect on the production of cellular energy.

Countering Age Metabolic Decline

Countering Age Related Metabolic Decline. The effects if NMN supplementation go beyond just the increased production of NAD+.

Keeping Circulation Young

The circulatory system carries blood rich in oxygen, exchanges heat and nutrients, and removes waste from all the organs and systems in the body.

Extending Cellular Lifespan

Research into the anti-aging properties of NMN shows that the notion of aging being an irreversible process may no longer be an absolute.

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Resveratrol is nature’s shield and it works for humans in a very similar way that it does for grapes. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man and forms a defensive membrane in your DNA to prevent damage caused by free radicals.

What is a free radical? Think of the body’s cells like musical chairs. As oxygen splits, one atom has an electron and one does not. Electrons need to be paired so oxygen atoms without them are called free radicals and will attack cells to find their match. This causes ageing, cancer, brain degeneration and more.

The Formula

Formula: C11H15N2O8P
Molar mass: 334.2192 g/mol
ChemSpider ID: 13553
Classification: Nucleotide
ChemSpider ID: 13553
PubChem CID: 16219737


Resveratrol supplements combat these free radicals and prevent them from entering the cell, keeping them feeling younger and brighter. It resists cancers, it lowers brain plaque levels in your brain to help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and as a powerful antioxidant, it has a range of health benefits including working as an anti-clotting agent and helping the body to break down sugars faster.

Eternum Labs has a range of resveratrol powders and supplements that can help you provide a shield for your cells and help you feel younger, healthier and happier for much longer than the average individual. And check out our range of resveratrol and NMN combinations that will provide the perfect health barrier from the symptoms of ageing.

“NAD+ is the closest we’ve gotten to a fountain of youth.”

“…An anti-aging pill on the horizon.”

“Could reversing the aging of blood vessels hold the key to restoring youthful vitality? The answer appears to be yes.”




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Buy NMN Australia. We pride ourselves on quality and purity. All batches are sampled and tested in a certified laboratory operated by a qualified doctrine of science.

Alan Twomey – PhD
Bachelor of Rural Science (BRurSc);
Master of Science (MSc)

BioAust Pty Ltd is a leading-edge company dedicated to the commercialisation of the latest ideas in Biotechnology and Nanotechnology. Research into new ways to advance health in a wide range of areas with focus on human health, crop protection and environmental sustainability. Providing support and testing to NMN Australia.

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Last Tested: 16/11/20

Resveratrol Frequently Asked Questions

Resveratrol is a stilbenoid, a form of natural phenol that is available in supplement form. It is also a phytoalexin that is produced by several plants when the plant is attacked by various pathogens or is responding to injury. Resveratrol is found in numerous food types including grapes, peanuts, mulberries, blueberries, raspberries. As resveratrol’s sources are mostly located in the skin of grapes and berries, the phenol is also found in various wines including different red and white varieties.
When taken as a supplement, resveratrol is said to contain the following health benefits:

  1. Lowered blood pressure: Resveratrol contains antioxidant properties, important for reducing blood pressure.
  2. Positive effect on blood fats: Resveratrol may help alter blood fats in a positive manner. Research conducted on mice found that mice provided with a high polyunsaturated fat, high protein diet as well as resveratrol found that total cholesterol levels in the mice decreased and that “good” HDL cholesterol increased in their bodies. 
  3. Brain protection: Research indicates that drinking red wine can reduce the risk of age-related cognitive disorder. This could be due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidants of resveratrol as they appear to interfere with beta-amyloids, a protein fragment that is essential to forming the plaques which cause Alzheimer’s disease. 
  4. Possible insulin sensitivity: Resveratrol has been shown to have numerous benefits for diabetes in animal studies. This includes preventing complications from diabetes and improving insulin sensitivity.
  5. It may be helpful for joint pain: In its supplement form, resveratrol can potentially help protect cartilage from disintegrating, something that can ease joint pain.   
  6. Resveratrol may fight cancer cells: Studies have been conducted on resveratrol’s potential to prevent and treat cancer. In test-tube and animal studies, resveratrol has been found to fight some cancers including colon, gastric, prostrate, breast and skin variations. Resveratrol may also stop cancer cells from forming and spreading. Resveratrol may also possibly change gene expression in the body, which can possibly inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body.
Resveratrol supplements are safe to consume when following Enternum Labs dosage guidelines or up to 1,500mg amounts for up to three months. However, it has been recorded that higher doses of 2,000 to 3,000mg a day has been safely used for up to six months. Studies undertaken so far have not indicated any serious side effects to administering resveratrol as a health supplement.
Resveratrol can be taken in its supplement pill form once daily. As there are no known serious side effects to resveratrol, you can take the supplement with or without food.
Most resveratrol supplements contain 250 to 500mg and can be taken once daily. This is recommended by medical associations. However, as mentioned above, taking up to 1,500mg daily is possibly safe as has been found over a period of three months.