Zen & Zone

(15 customer reviews)

Zen & Zone – Performance Pack

  • Improved Focus
  • Enhanced Energy
  • Deep & REM Sleep
  • Improved Memory
  • Enhanced Cognition

Zen Ingredients

  • MAGNESIUM – Improves recovery, relaxation & boosts immune function
  • LEMON BALM – Relieves stress & reduces anxiety
  • CHAMOMILE – Enhances deep sleep and relaxation
  • REISHI MUSHROOM – Nicknamed “the mushroom of immortality”
  • VALERIAN ROOT – Promotes relaxation
  • PASSIONFLOWER – Relaxes nervous system activity
  • CHLOROGENIC ACID – Stabilises blood sugar, improves waking energy & promotes fat loss
  • APIGENIN – Promotes calming effect to the mind and body

Zone Ingredients 

  • Alpha GPC – Improves memory and thinking skills
  • Ashwagandha – Reduces anxiety, stress, fights depression
  • TAURINE – Supports heart and brain function
  • BACOPA EXTRACT – Improves Cognitive Function
  • GINKGO BILOBA – Supports cerebral vascular insufficiency & dementia 
  • PQQ –  Improves short-term memory, restores damaged brain cells
  • N-ACETYL-L TYROSINE – Improve alertness, attention and focus.

15 reviews for Zen & Zone

  1. Cody

    4 caps before bed has had a massive impact on my sleep quality! 5/5

  2. Micahel

    I take this before I work out and feel great

  3. Dan

    Loving it so far

  4. Andrew

    The only sleep supplement I’ve ever taken that helps me sleep AND let’s me wake up with energy, not feeling groggy

  5. Shiv

    My sleep score on my oura ring have never been so good

  6. anna

    Reordering after going through a whole bottle in 2 weeks haha can’t get enough!

  7. ALEX

    Thank you Eternum for your prodcuts

  8. peter

    Really good, thanks


    I’m waking up earlier and feeling better – awesome

  10. todd

    Game changer – I’m in the ZONE

  11. Sam

    Zen and zone together have been a game changer

  12. Johnathan

    Good and no jitters

  13. John Riley

    Excellent product

  14. Kate

    NMN + Zen + Zone + Lions mane are the only sups I take

  15. Steve

    Fast shipping and great customer service

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